Welcome to the world of Gayland

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What is Gayland?

Gayland is a new satirical musical romantic comedy that’s currently in development.

What is Gayland about?

Gayland is the story of a forbidden love, set in alternate universe where almost everyone is gay, and the few marginalized breeders have to fight for their rights. Edgy, funny, and sweet, Gayland breaks new ground with love songs like “I Wanna See Your O Face.”

V2 Signs.JPG
David Kaplinsky, Lori DeLeon, Brittany Scofeld, Nick Shackleford, Lesley DeMartin, Ivan Griffin. New Orleans Fringe Festival, 2013.

What’s Gayland like?

Book of Mormon meets La Cage aux Folles meets Romeo & Juliet.

How did Gayland start?

Gayland premiered at the New Orleans Fringe Festival, November 20-24, 2013. The local press and standing-room only crowds declared it the hit of the Festival.

What is the press saying about Gayland?

“One of the Top 12 Fringe Fest Shows Not To Miss”


“The must-see of Fringe Festival”

NOLA Defender

“Top Picks for New Orleans Fringe Festival.”


“New musical comedy flips your world”


“What if conservative lesbians ran the world?”

Nora Gouma Magazine

What is the next milestone for Gayland?

The creators are working towards a Broadway production. Gayland has had several  table reads in New York, at the the York Theatre and other venues, and has developed a stellar cast and music director.

We recently took the cast, band, and music director into Yellow Sound Lab and Log Cabin studios in New York to capture the new music we’ve been working on over the last year. We’re discussing the script, score, and recordings now with the many Broadway industry folks we’ve met and worked over the last five years. Stay tuned!

Check out the new animated lyric video of “Rainbow, Shmainbow”

Check out the new animated lyric video of our Hamilton spoof:  “Breeder”


See Video


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13 thoughts on “Welcome to the world of Gayland

  1. Wow, haven’t heard “Sensitive Me” before. What a perfect send up of the clods who say, “I don’t hate gay people, I just call things “gay” when I don’t like them.”

  2. Wow, the new version of “I’m a Real Man” is so unexpected as a Gaige number! What made you decide to do that?

  3. Just re-listened and still love the ironic “Americanism” of your sound, always brings to mind my favorites, Thomson (Randall and Virgil), Carter, and Jack Beeson, etc. And, our hymnal tradition.

  4. Hey, just got the new Mp3s! Wow, total first act redo. Boy, the bit about corporate marriage is right on point. ; )

    1. The real question is: Can a cabbage have a fiduciary responsibility for a worm? Why isn’t SCOTUS focussed on things that MATTER?

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