Homophobia still all too Common

This article talks about the horrendous actions of Ole Miss football players and other audience members attending a production of the Laramie Project. They were reportedly heckling actors and calling them “fags” during the show: a play centrally about bullying and homophobia. The unfortunate fact is that the subject matter of “GAYLAND” is still all too relevant.

2 thoughts on “Homophobia still all too Common

  1. So obnoxious! WTF were they doing at the play if they have such a hatred of gay people?

    Reminds me of a gizmo I heard mentioned on the Savage Love podcast recently: “If you’d like to have your nuts crushed and electrocuted at the same time, then get the XYZ thingamabob.” Now I know just who those gadgets are made for.

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