Gayland – Fun Fact!

GaylandDid you know that “Gayland” was once in use as a boy’s name in America? Gayland’s popularity peaked in 1950, when 47 lads were handed this moniker upon arrival. Find out more.
As a gesture of solidarity, we’d like to invite all Gaylands to join us on opening night on Broadway—our treat, of course.
As soon as we get close, we’ll let you know. Watch this space!

“Fighting & (Bleep)ing”

Here’s a little snippet of one of our new songs, “Fighting & (Bleep)ing”, sung by two Gayland characters who have this kind of relationship. When we get to the bleeping part, we’ve scored it so that the appropriate words will be bleeped by a musical instrument.
Singers: Ivan Griffin and Jason Amos.

Gayland 4.0 is done!

4.0 goldWe’ve finished the revisions based on what we learned at the December table read at the York Theatre in Manhattan. And soon we’ll be recording both our new and revised songs, including  “Fighting & (Bleep)ing,” “You Gotta Work The Crowd,” and “Breeder,” (which spoofs the opening number of the smash-hit Hamilton.)

“Sensitive Me” has been redone to make it a visceral experience of breeder-phobia, and now includes rhymed retching, a Broadway first!

The recording will take place on March 9th at Marigny Recording Studios in New Orleans.