Next Gayland Table Read set for August 17, 2016

Gayland 5.0 Read Art.jpg

Our next table read will feature the first act of Gayland 5.0, which has lots of new music, and even some new characters. It will be on August 17th at 244 Rehearsal Studios in Manhattan, at 4 pm.  New musical numbers include “Swami of Salami,” “Heart 2 Heart,” and “Fighting and (Bleep)ing.”

Well-known Broadway Music Director Mark Hartman is helping polish and refine the latest version of Gayland.

We’re inviting some Broadway professionals who have expressed interest, as well as a small audience. We have about ten seats still available. Would you like to attend? If so, just send an email to We’d love to have you there and hear your thoughts!

 August 17, 2016 – 4 pm

244 Rehearsal Studios

244 West 54th Street, 10th Floor

New York

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