Live recordings!

Live at Fringe.jpg

We’re rounding out our collection of downloadable tracks with recordings from live performances.

These are from Fringe Festival in New Orleans and Table Reads in New York, spanning 2013 to 2017.

Here are the new songs we’ve just added. We’re also interpolating this into the downloadable song files on the Downloads page, so it’s possible to hear almost all the songs in order.

In this pic, Nick Shackleford, Lori DeLeon, and Lesley DeMartin tussle at Fringe Festival 2013.

Act 1, Scene 13, “Breeder Shock Promo” (Live).m4a

Act 1, Scene 14, “Young Buck/Old Buck” (Live).m4a

Act 1, Scene 18 “I’ve Always Been Different” (Live).m4a


Act 2, Scene 3, “#Bring Back Zack” (Live).m4a

Act 2, Scene 5, “Mismatch Mercy Mission Reprise” (Live).m4a

Act 2, Scene 6, “Political Wife” (Live).m4a

Act 2, Scene 7, “Soup and Salad” (Live).m4a

Act 2, Scene 9, “Baby Birthin’ Blues” (Live).m4a

Act 2, Scene 9, “If” (Live).m4a

Act 2, Scene 9, “Sensitive Me” (Live).m4a

Act 2, Scene 13, “Thank You for Visiting Gayland” (Live).m4a


Words and music ©2018 Scott R. King and Christopher St. John.

2 thoughts on “Live recordings!

  1. Wow, haven’t heard “Sensitive Me” before. What a perfect send up of the clods who say, “I don’t hate gay people, I just call things “gay” when I don’t like them.”

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