First Gayland rehearsal at the York Theatre in Manhattan

York LaurelsWe are very fortunate to be working with the York Theatre. Their specialty is developing and producing new musicals. In fact, they got a special Drama Desk Award for their contributions in this area.

So we are very happy to be announcing our first rehearsal for the upcoming Gayland table read at the York. Friday, October 16th, is the big day.

Huzzah for boots on the ground!

Working with a very talented young director

York TheatreBoom! We’ve just completed Gayland 3.0!

We are very grateful to James Morgan, Producing Artistic Director at the York Theatre in Manhattan for introducing us to Jason Brubaker. Jason is a hot young musical comedy director based in New York. He’s been working with us for several months on the most recent revision of Gayland, and his talent and directorial expertise have been extremely helpful in shaping Gayland into a faster, tighter, funnier play.

Our current goal is to move the new Gayland into development and toward a second theatrical presentation.  We are in conversation with the York Theatre and some other interested parties on how best to make this happen.

New Gayland Song from the March 2015 Recordings: “If”

In this new Gayland song, our lesbian protagonist, Willow, who has lately been having bi-curious thoughts, has a conversation in a Women’s Room with two breeder women, asking them what they see in men.

{A word to any workplace surfers: A few lines of this song are NSFW.}

Download New Gayland Song: “If”

Performers(L to R):

Boo:  Lesley DeMartin

Willow:  Maria Elise Thomas

Sally:  Ayanna Hampton