First Gayland rehearsal at the York Theatre in Manhattan

York LaurelsWe are very fortunate to be working with the York Theatre. Their specialty is developing and producing new musicals. In fact, they got a special Drama Desk Award for their contributions in this area.

So we are very happy to be announcing our first rehearsal for the upcoming Gayland table read at the York. Friday, October 16th, is the big day.

Huzzah for boots on the ground!

March 7-8: New Recording of Gayland at Esplanade Studios in New Orleans

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 3.53.55 PMAs we’ve developed Gayland 2.0, we have added many new songs, including the sweet “Life Is A Tiny Flicker” and the cool and sophisticated, “I Wanna See Your Cum Face.”

There will be a new audio recording of of the entire Gayland score this weekend at the lovely Esplanade Studios in New Orleans, where John Legend, Eric Clapton, Willie Nelson and many others have laid down tracks.

Session no. 1…..Sat., March 7, 12-4 p.m.
Session no. 2…..Sun., March 8, 1-5 p.m.

Esplanade Studios
2540 Esplanade Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70119

Boo:  Lesley DeMartin
Willow:  Maria Elise Thomas
Finn:  Jason Amos
Zack:  Dylan Tran
Brock:  Ivan Griffin
Gaige:  Cameron-Mitchell Ware
Zoe/Alto:  Ayanna Hampton
Baritone/Ensemble:  Scott King

With Piano By:  April Mok

Extra fun on closing night

Sunday night, we played to a very full house, and the cast was in a playful mood with lots of ad libs. Probably the audience favorite was from Lesley De Martin, as she hurried her class offstage at the end of Mismatch Mercy Mission, “Come on, this is Fringe. We only have an hour!”

When it was over, we popped champagne, exchanged hugs, and posed for the group photo:

Gayland Cast and Crew

The “Gayland: The Musical,” cast, crew, and creators.

Left to right: Doug Therrien, Lori DeLeon, Spencer Doyle, Charles Kohlmeyer, Dilyara Shiderova, Dave Hurlbert, Scott King, Christopher St. John, Ivan Griffin, David Kaplinsky, Christopher Thompson, Kathleen Westfall, Chard Gonzalez, (second row) April Mok, Joe Furnari, Nick Shackleford, Brittany Scofeld, Lesley DeMartin. Not pictured: Swamp DeVille (sets) Veronica Russell (costumes)

Photo by Sandy Mustard, 11-24-13.