New Gayland Song from the March 2015 Recordings: “If”

In this new Gayland song, our lesbian protagonist, Willow, who has lately been having bi-curious thoughts, has a conversation in a Women’s Room with two breeder women, asking them what they see in men.

{A word to any workplace surfers: A few lines of this song are NSFW.}

Download New Gayland Song: “If”

Performers(L to R):

Boo:  Lesley DeMartin

Willow:  Maria Elise Thomas

Sally:  Ayanna Hampton


One of the “Gayland” Songs: “Ungay Heroes”

In a world in which everyone who is now straight is gay, it follows that everyone who is now gay is straight.

Check out this mp3 of one of the Gayland songs: “Ungay Heroes.”

In this song, we hear some tipsy ungays, unhappy with their marginalized status, trying to cheer each other up with songs about the few straight people who have achieved success in this society, iincluding the studly ladies man Liberace and the ever-so-foxy Rachel Maddow.